Steamtrawler Borgenes
Story about S/T Borgenes
Built: 1942   Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Length:  164 feet overall
Width:   27,6 feet
Depth:   12,4 feet

Tonnage: 481 gross, 162 net.

Hullconstruction: Steel
Propulsion: Triple expansion steamengine: 850 hp.

S/T Borgenes is Norway`s last existing steam trawler. She was one of the pioneers in the development and Norway`s trawling fleet in the years following world war II.

S/T Borgenes was built at the Collingwood shipyards in Ontario, Canada 1942 as an armed trawler and christened T-276 Cailiff. The ship was of the socalle Western- Isle-Class.
She was engagd as a Norh Atlantic convoy escort under the command of the Royal Canadian Navy and stationed in New Foundland.
There were 146 ships built in Isle-Class and the served distinction in allied navy all over the world. Four ships of this class were under Royal Norwegian Navy command and base in the Orkneys. They had name: T-170 Jeløy, T-388 Tromøy, T-200 Oksøy and T-166 Karmøy.
These ships were also engage in convoy escort, but from the fall of 1944 were dispatched to support the Red Army in its liberation of Finnmark.
Cailiff was decommissioned and laid up in the fall off 1945.
In the fall of 1947 she was bought by norwegian trawling company Heinsa, brought to Kristiansund, Norway. Here she was converted to sidetrawler. Cailiff was rechristened Borgenes, the name of Norways first commercially viable trawler, distroyed by Germans in 1942. Kristiansund w in the post-war years te main port of Norway`s burgeoning fleet of trawlers.
After serving for almost thirty year as a dependable workhorse of the trawling fleet, Borgenes
was laid up in 1973 mainly because it was becoming diffiicult to hire steam qualified crew.
Miraculously evading the wrecker`s ball time and time again,she is now home in Kristiansund again.
Borgenes is to be restored to he former glory as a steamtrawler. A foundation has been established to ovesee the process and an association of Borgenes`friends has begun the job of practical restoration. It will be a long, hard haul but sooner or later, Borgenes will steam out of Kristiansund harbor, a symbol not only of the war that ravaged Norway and the rest of the world, but the peace that was built wit th detritus of that war.